Cadence Hooks is visionary artist who has made significant impact on her world through her unique approach to painting and installation art. Based in Bridgehampton and Cape Town SA, Hooks is known for her ability to mirror the environments and people around entering her world, she creating works that are deeply personal and universally relatable.

Hooks' paintings are a testament to her ability to blend personal narrative with collective space, using abstract accumulations of color and thick brushstrokes to give voice to the canvas. Her works are dynamic and emotionally charged, creating a sense of movement and vibrancy that draws the viewer in and immerses them in the experience.

Hooks seeks to explore the threshold between sensuality, comfort, and discomfort, creating works that are a celebration of life in all its complexity and beauty.  Hooks' paintings have been exhibited in galleries around the world, including Estudio Nomada, Art is Art Gallery, Double V Gallery, Dacia Gallery, and fairs including LA Frieze, Scope Art Fair NYC, Art Basel.  

In addition to her paintings, Hooks is also known for her large-scale immersive installations. One of her most notable installations is the bark walls of Arcadia Earth Museum, which was showcased in Vegas. The installation featured an array of geometrically cut bark puzzled into large-scale walls from the bark of trees creating a mesmerizing visual experience for viewers and raising awareness about environmental issues. 

Hooks is also dedicated to using art as a means of promoting social change, and she has been involved in various community projects and fundraisers for environmental causes and organizations such as the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, An Evening of Hope Foundation, and Uganda Food Forest Fundraiser, Wildfire Silent Auction

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